State Championship For 2013


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Just had to put in my brag. We had our 2 day State Agility Championship. Morning was the Games State Championship and the afternoon was a qualifying heat and the sunday morning was another heat and the afternoon was the finals.
Gabby is the
2013 State Master Snooker Champion
2013 State Master Gambler Champion
2013 State Open Jumpers
2013 third place champion
Gabby also qualified 3 out of 4 on the saturday with 2 first and third and sunday was 3 first places. Her sister Inka who is 11.5 years old got 4 out of 4 in both qualifying including one first place.
So proud of my girl

here is the video of her winning run in open jumping
hopefully it works
Also her brother Ashwyn is the
2013 State Master Jumping Champion
He done an awesome run handled beautifully by Victor
here is his run

Thanks Linda for the videoing


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Finally joined up with SACA, got the newsletter and your photo with Gabby is everywhere lol!

Congrats guys :p

Hopefully we'll get to meet you later this year when we're out competing.... Evie and I will be the pair making giant fools of ourselves :D