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Hey guys ! Sorry for not posting anything for quite some time but i was kinda busy so ... forgive me please ! Bruna (yeeep we gave her a name at last) and i have been training hard in the last few days (after she was cured from some sort of a disease ) and she learnd pretty fast . Ive taught her the reset mode which is her name (look at my eyes - comes to me - sits right in front of me) , ive also taught her a separate command for come here , ive also taught her to bark and jump and im at spin now (ive skipped stand cuz i still need to figure out how to get her in the position) . Ive taught her how to spin but she will only do it if i point with my hand what she needs to do ... she has been introduced to the command but she wont respond to it unless i guide her with my hand (she knows its empty of treats btw) . So i need some help on this one !

P.S : She learns every command in like 5-10 mins and she performs all of them just PERFECTLY , a fact which just keeps to astonish me !


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Sometimes our dogs will learn a lot of tricks very quickly and perform without any hand signals, other tricks are, to them, a little more confusing and I think this has happened with Bruna. Love her name:love: :)

I would just keep using hand signals but gradually decrease their size -i.e. to just maybe using your finger to 'cue' her.

This is what I did with with Ra Kismet, he too learned tricks at an amazing speed, but got 'stuck' on figure eight, wouldn't do it without being cued. He did, eventually, get it without massive hand signals. So just use the signals for a while longer, but as I said, decrease in size.

Or another thing I would do if he appeared 'stuck' on any aspect of a trick, was to leave it for a day or two, then try again. He would usually do it without any problems then and LOL make me wonder why he didn't 'get it' in the first instance!

She's one very smart little girl that's for sure and seems very willing to learn.:)(y)


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It took months for me to get rid of the hand signal for those. even now i still need to give it occasionally if she is fired up. lol


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I got you all beat! It took Oliver nearly three years to get it from command only. My issue was that I was always working on something better and never took the time to teach the command properly. I haven't taught him anything new in quite awhile.... I'm just working on voice commands lol


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Ooops, we're a bit different. Leaf appears to actually work better with hand signals, but Rakins took a while with some tricks to just work with commands. I guess all dogs are different and have their own special 'ways'.:D