Soon to be Siberian Husky owner


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Hello all,
I am very much new to this community and I am soon going to be owning a Siberian Husky.
I assumed if anything, this site will hopefully help me with training tips and etc.
I will be a first time dog owner and I know people say that Huskies are not really for first time owners, but I am up for the challenge. :)

Jean Cote

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I have a Siberian Husky also, do yourself a favor and get involved in puppy and obedience training classes right in the beginning. The first year will help you tremendously!!!!!! :dogsmile:


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Siberian Husky Owner

I'm a Siberian Husky owner as well. If you have any questions at all message me any time. I will help you through the challenges of owning this breed if you want.

It sounds like you have done your research but the main thing I mention to any new husky owner is keep it leashed at ALL times outdoors. In fact I let Storm out off leash yesterday for ten seconds while I put my purse and coat inside. Came back outside and she was gone. Took me an hour and 1/8th tank of gas to find her again. And I only found her because I have neighbors who are familiar with her gypsy ways and are very cooperative with me.

Anyway, don't wanna go into a lecture or anything, just passing along some info.

Welcome to the forum. You will love it here.