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Hello guys! when I was looking around the store, I found this clicker named the "clik stik" by Terry Ryan. Its a clicker with an attatched target stick so its another hand free! I bought it php 1100 pesos (about 23 usd). . . . It was worth it!



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My local Petsmart carried them for a little while and I bought one as soon as they came out. Great tool but the click is a little quiet. Still works great though.


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They sell them also on Karen Pryor's site. I have on also and like it. Wish it was louder though, mine is pretty quite and in a full class it's hard to hear. It does make things easier though with less to hold. :dogsmile:


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I just read it and it said that the click is soft because of some dogs that have sensitive ears. Just wanted you to know. :dogsmile: