Silvia Trkman's Trick Project


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Looks like fun! I'm gonna give it a shot! Def. gonna have to be with Oliver though, as I dont think Mouse or boo have the right... umm "shape" to do the trick! Zoe'll be afraid of it, and Scout's "clicker" may not work for this... but Maybe I'll have to give it a shot with her too... She may surprise me!


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We tried it yesterday (it was posted on a French forum I attend). Fly can stand ok but she first tried to touch the bottle with her nose. I said "with your paw" so she touched it with one paw but could not figure out what I wanted. I think she's just not mature enough for that trick. I may give up for a couple of months.


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She's clarified a bit about what she is interested in seeing on FB. She is looking for dogs who already understand grasping and holding but have not yet been trained to pick the object up from the floor. She wants to see how different dogs solve the problem of grasping an object their owner didn't hand to them.

For Fly, what about teaching her to grasp the object while she's sitting first? Silvia's Bi does that quite a bit in the video. Whimsy seems to find that easier than when she is sitting up or standing on her back legs.

I'm going to try to teach out corgi this trick - should be interesting with his stubby legs :)

Sally Honna

This is a really neat trick, but I don't know if my pug is compatible to learn it. She will probably just chew on the bottle.


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Well, we did one session on holding, before I went to bed. Oliver was already sitting up and "huging" it breifly. I did use a toy though, as Ollie would be afraid of me holding a bottle (he has some weird fears) I'll try to introduce a bottle once he's holding the toy properly.