Sibiran Husky sasha :D


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hi everybody,

I'm so glad that i found such a web page like this, actually this is my first dog, i have at home a bird for 4 years which is great, she understand everything, always free out of cage, she come to me when i called her, she bring me cigarettes and so and so, she is like one member of family, i have also Chinese hamster for 1 year, he is also cute, but never out of cage cause once i let him go and 9 hours to catch him :D, before 3 months i went to pet shop and i saw an amazing puppy, Siberian husky, her name SASHA, black and white, female, 6 weeks, and the story began ;)

it was hard time to teach her basic things, come, sit, down, and the most important thing is teaching her to pee in one place, to call me to take her out, and this things, until now still have problems with this, but at least she make it in balcony, but not on the correct place, i'm looking for your advice how to teach her to call me, to come to me and to let me know that she want to go out, now she has 4,5 months. i've heard that husky is a breed that hard to teach, hard to train. so any good advice regarding this??

this is things that i would like to learn so i can teach her these things

1- to come to my command when i say her name, especially outdoor, she make herself that doesn't know me outdoor, doesn't hear me ;)

2- to let me know that she wants to pee, to go outside, and not doing it at home, since i live in apartment.

3- to sleep in her bed not everywhere in the house, every time i put her in her bed she leave it and come to sleep under my legs, near to me, i gave her one shirt to get my smell but this didn't help. so i don't know what to do.

some photos and video will be uploaded soon, to show you my lovely queen

thanks in advanced



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Welcome to the academy! About number 2,you can know If it is sniffing or circling whenever it wants to eliminate.


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good_doggie;11379 said:
Welcome to the academy! About number 2,you can know If it is sniffing or circling whenever it wants to eliminate.
the problem is that i can't keep watching her the whole time, a friend of mine has a golden and when he wants to eliminate he comes to him and guide him to the door, i saw this and i'm dreaming of this, maybe she is young to do this i don't know, she is almost 5 months.


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Hi Mike,

The best thing you could do for yourself and your dog is to invest in time and money into puppy and obedience training classes. And since this is your first dog, it will take you some time to learn how to train a dog, and the best way to do this is to surround yourself with other people who knows. Look at your yellow pages and see what kind of trainers you have in your area. Try to find one that is positively oriented and that uses food as rewards.

I know what you'll say - that you cannot afford the training classes. But the truth is, if you don't take them now ... you never will. These training classes are an investment in your dog, the first three years of a dog's life are the most important ones. That is the time they learn everything at a quick pace.

I am a husky owner also, and my first dog was also a husky. So I can relate to the problems you are describing. So I will try to answer your questions as best as I can.

1) Huskies are not an off leash breed, if you look into any husky book they will tell you that. Now, that doesn't mean that a husky cannot be trained to be off leash, it's just that you will be fighting instincts to run around. I have trained my husky to be off leash in certain environments because I have spent a lot of time training her to do it.

You can take a look at the, that is how I've trained my husky to respond to her name and come to me. It takes time and a lot of dedication ... but since your husky is young, you should be able to do this easily.

A trick is to run away from your dog and not after it. Dogs like to play a game called 'chase me', either you will run after your dog or your dog will run after you, simple eh? :dogsmile:

2) I live in a house so I do not have any experience with apartments. But in theory, you should always reinforce the dog (give her treats along with praise) every time that she goes outside and to let her know that it is inappropriate to go in your apartment. You will have to catch her in the act (while she is peeing) and yell out an "AHH!" and bring her outside. You don't have to be angry at the dog, you are just letting her know what it is you want.

3) That's not that bad, she likes you and wants to be around you. I'd be worried if you had the opposite where the dog didn't want to be near you. I'd say encourage this kind of behavior since you want your dog to stick with you outside.

Hope this helps,