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I'm looking at training my dog to become a Truffle Dog, that is scent detecting truffles, as not far from where i live there a number of truffle farms. What i wanted to know was how one goes about teaching a dog to detect a particular scent, and if there are any particular books that anyone could recommend for training scent detection. I've got one book at present but it is more on tracking and air scenting, as in looking for people. The other books i have viewed all seem to be on tracking:dogsad:. Truffle hunting is a bit like the Drug Detection Dogs, or dogs trained for a specific scent only.


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IS GREAT IDEA!!! Ha, i thought about doing this with my dog, for Morel Mushrooms!! We only have Morels available for a brief period of time, once a year, though...would make training hard..Plus, i worried mushrooms aren't supposed to be eaten by dogs, and wasn't sure i would be able to get buddy to not eat it, to just find it...

Geez, i don't know, maybe some of the other posters here will be able to help you out with their experiences, but i just googled it for you, found a book at Amazon, called "The Truffle Book" says it can show you how to train your dog to find them, is written by Gareth Renowden. GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted!


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Hey thanks for the book title. I will go and check it out. Will certainly keep all posted as to how obee goes with the training. One book i have on tracking etc covers air scenting which i've just learned is also used with Truffle hunting so i will work on that as well.


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I just started playing a shell game. I turn over three bowls and ask my dog to nose target a bowl. Right now all three have tuna under them. She gets a bonus of tuna when she targets any bowl. As soon as she gets the idea I'll put treats under two bowls then go down to one. All this done while she can see me. I'll move up to doing it out of her sight then asking for a stay and hiding something in another room and asking her to go find it. I have a friend that worked up to walking into her local pet supply store and asking someone to hide a hankie or some searchable item and then bring in the dog and cue her to go find. [/COLOR]

This training is very similar to that done with dogs that find bed bugs and detect cancer if you search for books on the same topic. If you are able to introduce the scent with an actual truffle and figure out if how you want the dog to alert-by digging, paw targeting, etc so as to not damage or consume the truffle you're on the way.

:dogwink:Yummy luck to u.


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