Is it ok for dogs to eat rice?

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Is it ok to feed your dog rice??

Someone just told me that rice expands when eaten and therefore can lead to bloat..

What do you guys think?

And how about pasta?


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I didn't vote just because of a technicality. Cooked rice is fine, it's already absorbed the water from being cooked and will not cause any harm. Dry uncooked rice however may pose a problem with expansion, and may not be fully digestible(?).
Cooked rice with cooked ground chicken or beef is good for dogs with upset stomachs.


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Same here. Need cooked/uncooked option please:) I do give cooked rice mixed with other meat/kibble. I used that mix with a rescue dog years ago who couldn't keep any food inside him.

Would never give uncooked though. That may cause problems, as well as not being very tasty.


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As others have said, cooked rice is fine; as is cooked pasta.

My previous dog had chronic kidney failure and was on a homemade veterinary dietician recommended diet which was sort of a "stew" and it called for cooked pasta among a slew of other things.


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It's good for upset tummies. It is a grain, high in starch, and I would not feed it on a regular basis.


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I'm going to be a party breaker...
I won't give rice or pasta to my dog.
This is 1) it is a grean, has no use for dogs (humans neither but thay a different story)
and 2) when it is cooked all the nutrients are gone, or allmost gone like 70 % or more. So why feed it, edpecially to a dog that is ill and needs all the nutrients he can get..
Same as I will not give cooked chicken.
When she is feeling bad, I just give here what she eats normal, which is meat (combination betweenn bones, organs and meat). I can grint this if thats better. Next to that i can make kefir which will help the intestens in there work or give her a other natural source off nutrition. Like schindlers minerals, spinurale, kokusnutt oil, etc.


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Madeleine, I'm going to agree and disagree with you. Most people don't feed raw, and they don't know what kefir is, let alone have it in their refrigerator. But, everyone knows how to cook rice. Rice stops diarrhea. I don't have a problem using it medicinally.

However, we need to think about how and why it stops diarrhea. I think it gums up the works, so to speak. We certainly don't want this on a regular basis. I do not feed rice but if the dogs get some in leftovers I don't worry about it, and at least it doesn't give them the runs. Grains, as you stated, are not natural in a carnivore's diet or in ours. Our ancestors fermented grain into a beer, which changes the grain's physical properties, improving its digestibility and nutrient level. Carnivores simply do not eat grain.

Just because feral dogs eat pasta at the dump does not mean that it's good for them, and it certainly isn't the best. Feral dogs at the dump do not stay alive because they are eating pasta, it's simply a filler. They are also eating other garbage and possibly hunting rats and mice.

Madeleine, maybe you could start another thread explaining what kefir, spinurale, etc. are.