Puppy won't bite me, but bites other family members


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Our 13-week old golden puppy is doing pretty well with her biting. However, she will bite my wife or children (9 year-olds) far more than she will me.

I recognize that's probably because she see's me as the Alpha dog, but I'm curious as to what techniques we can employ to get her feeling the same about my wife and kids. We all use the same correction technique (grabbing the snout, giving it a shake and saying "NO BITE."

It's almost upsetting to my wife and kids. She'll not bite me or immediately stop when I correct her, but keep biting even after being corrected if it's them. It kind of makes them feel like she likes me better.

Any thoughts?


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Have you tried redirection? Whenever she bites say "Ouch" or "No" and redirect her attention to a toy or chewy?

I definitely wouldn't grab the snout or shake it as these are very aggressive behaviors. She could take a snap back if she feels like she is being bugged enough. Though because she is a golden I wouldn't expect it but just putting it out there.

Good luck with the puppy and don't forget to come back! We are happy to answer more questions!


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At 13 weeks, your puppy is just that, a puppy, a baby. Biting and chewing is very much a part of learning, and growing up. Puppies learn about the world with their mouths - and sadly for us, those little teeth are needle sharp. Grabbing and shaking her snout is a very harsh way to let her know you don't like what she's doing. Attention of any kind, positive or negative, is still attention. Your grabs and shakes might be hurting her worse than your wife and kids' - that might be why she doesn't bite you as much, but I doubt you want her fearing you or your potential punishments.

Try getting lots and lots of things for her to chew - toys, chewies, etc. She needs lots of things to chew on - make sure you keep these really handy. When she does chew on hands and fingers (as she will), make a loud scream (probably not hard, cuz it hurts!), and pull your attention away from her and if possible, stick a toy in her mouth. Chew on this, not my fingers. Mother dogs and littermates will utter a loud yelp! when the puppies bite too hard - your puppy is still learning bite inhibition at her age. She's used to what that loud OUCH means - oh, I bit too hard, I need to lighten up. As she continues to grow, she'll learn to stop altogether. When you "yelp" and pull your attention away from her, she's also learning "oh, when I bite too hard, my human goes away". She'll get it - just give her some time.

Do be consistent, tho - playing sometimes with puppies and letting them bite, then when they come back in an hour and bite when you're not playing gets very confusing. Make sure that everyone in the family will abide by the "no more biting" rule - whenever she bites, YELP!/OUCH! and attention goes away, and chewy/toy goes in puppy's mouth. She'll catch on, you watch. :dogtongue2: Good luck!