please sign a petition to save this pit bull


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Best of luck with the fight. I did sign the petition. I am very against BSL. The laws need to impact bad owners, regardless of the breed. Look at the Michael Vick dogs. Everyone expected these dogs to have to be put down, one is now a therapy dog! Just goes to show, it is not the breed of dog!
Please keep us posted about Forest.


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I hate BSL.
We have no BSL here, and yet, the (in)humane society in Tacoma will not adopt out pit bulls. My younger sister wanted to adopt one, and was told that all pits/mixes are kept for a week to give owners time to claim them, and then destroyed, because the (in)humane society deems them all 'dangerous' and 'unadoptable.' Calls made by me and others confirmed this.
It makes me sad that the people who get pits for the wrong reasons are so widespead as to have made a bad name for the breed.


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I also signed. BTW this dog was re-homed out of state. Thank goodness. They are supposed to do DNA but from what I hear a judge can decide the "pitt-ness" of a dog in Denver hence its fate. If there are BSL's, which I detest, shouldn't all laws be held to a standard? grrr I'm still penning emails.

I don't know about anyone else but when I guess breeds and later see DNA I am usually shocked and I know a good bit about breeds and have owned several. Agree it's not the breed but the owner/training. I'm just glad Forrest is safe.


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The fight against a pit bull law is on in Miami-Dade


If you hate BSL you will love this!

For over 10 years there has been a pitbull law in Miami. They aren't allowed in Miami and will be killed if they are found.

Anyway, a few people have finally gotten pissed enough to do something about it and have found an attorney that is equally as pissed I guess and is doing the work pro bono.

They are going after the law as unconstitutional and arbitrarily applied to name a few. Of course they need money to proceed but a letter has already been written to Miami Dade Animal Control that they must cease and desist.

I have thrown up a quick page on my website so I had somewhere to point people to. You can see the letter the attorney sent and an address where to send donations (to the attorney). I have nothing to do with it except I would love to see the law repealed.

What floodgates might open if just one law is repealed!? it could start precedent for others to refer to when fighting BSL.

BSL isn't just about pitbulls. It is about any breed that someone decides to put in their cross-hairs. Your breed could be next. It is important to fight it now.