Please Help Me Save Her Life!!!


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ello first i want to thank you for taking the time to see what i have to say and i am so hoping that you are going to get back to asap.i have a dog that came up to my house and just wouldn't leave. it seem like where ever she came from they were not to nice to her. well, i started to feed her and talk to her and stuff to make sure shes not mean.(shes a sweet heart) the thing is she has almost no hair at all on her back, neck,and tummy. her ears are so badly ate up with the mange that they are swolen shut. ibrought her in house and me being a dog lover did what ever i thought would help her. when i first got her she was bleeding bad around her neck and ears and there is very little hair on her neck and none on her ears. i gave her a nice long bath with some mild dog shampoo, rinsed her off and fill the tub up again and added some baby oil to the bath and i just had her soak in it for a while. when she was all the way dry i put anti biotic cream all over her and left it on over night wraped up the parts of her that were bleeding and wished her luck. the next morning i had found some antibiotic and antiitch spray and sprayed her all over with that.this whoul time shes inside my house inside a cage. any ways, i kept up with the spray all that day every 2 hours. the next morning i decided that i was going to put a rubbing alchol and water mixtur an to the spots that had not quite stoped bleeding to see if it might dry it out, and it did it stoped bleeding and has not blead sence. i know that the alchol and water must of hurt her but i thought to myself i will only put stuff on her that i would do to myself. my question is, i heard on another post that the pine oil in the pine sol was good but the chemicals in the pine sol were bad.( i'm going to put that on her cus i would not do that to my self)(that post said to mix water and pine sol 50/50) well i was wondering if you thought i could get a bunch of green pine needles and boil them like people say to do lemons (they say boil lemons peel and all and keep the water and put it all over the dog)if it were pine needles i would only have the pine oils and water, no chemicals. i do not want to do it till i hear back from somebody i do not want to hurt her. i can not take her to the vet i just do not have any money and that makes me feel bad because i want to help her and she is so bad off.she can eat and drink with no problems and her bathroom 1 and 2 looks alright, the pee is a little dark. but i want to start to fix if you can tell me something that would help me help her i would be so thank ful to you!!!i tried to get the shelter where i live to help me out but they said that sence she was a pit bull all that they could do for her was to put her to sleep. i said no way!!! i will find some how to help her, and i am hoping that someone here can do it. well i am going to let you go i have taken to much of your time already. but please get back to me about the pine neddles. one more thing is there any thing i can do to get her to stop itching at her self so bad?
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(I think that you should space out your posts in the future, it makes it hard to read when it's all clustered like that.)

Have you thought of bringing her to a local shelter? Some of these places will have a vet or at least some type of knowledge of what to do in this situation. It's unknown how the dog got to your house, but it is possible that the dog might have gotten lost from its original home and wandered for days or weeks without proper nutrition.

So at a shelter they might be able to see if the dog is micro chipped, or in a 'missing' database. If not, then you should be easily able to adopt the dog as yours.


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i tried the shelter thing and all they said is that there is nothing that they can do to help me because they do not have the funds to do it and i asked them if they could find some one to adopt her because i got laid off and right now my husband,myself,and our 2 kids are living off of his didability check and i have no money to help her(if i had it i would take her to the vet right away!!!)any ways all they tlod me that they can do is put her to sleep because she is a pit bull and they do not adopt that kind of dog out. so i am going to keep her i just need to know what to do from here on