Out Of Interest - Time Of Day For Training?


Hi all

I've been wondering about this for a while. What time of day do you find your dogs are most interested in training? I know for some dogs is 'any time'!!

Elsa will happily do some early in the morning, but Greta will often just want to go back to sleep bless her! They both are good mid-evening but later on forget it, they barely move LOL

Anyway, more of a curiosity thread than anything else :)


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Hi there,

well ... mine gets a training session at about 10am (to wake him up). But I don't teach new tricks - just repeat all the ones that we already know. Right after that we go for a walk. I found that he listens a lot better if some energy has been taken out of him before the walk :D

After 8pm, when all the kids are in bed we do another training session - this is the time when my dog is the most focused. We had a long walk in the afternoon, a short one after dinner and to round the day off we learn something new (or continue on a new trick that takes longer to learn). All the new stuff we do with clicker and food rewards (dinner time). Once the food is used up we practice the older tricks again - reward is a game of fetch or tug-o-war. After all this he is ready to go to bed.
Anything learnt in the evening session is repeated the next morning - but I make sure I don't add anything new. Found that if you go too fast with my dog he get's sloppy :LOL:

Also found that if I skip training in the evening (because I'm too tired) he get's up to all sort of nasty stuff - chewing shoes, cables, emptying bins, school bags. I gladly train him and spend a couple of minutes teaching new stuff and half an hour of playtime then spending an hour cleaning up the mess he makes :rolleyes:


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I train whenever I can! I am a student and solo mum so I fit in training sessions when ever possible. Generally middle of the day is our 'biggest' session [during bub's nap time], we train and play and groom in one go. Blade just loves attention and NEEDS the 'work' and will 'work' any time of the day. We also stop mid walk at the park, or even along bush walking tracks etc to practice a few commands/tricks.


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My dogs work best when their hungry, so I train with their meals at mealtimes... that way I dont have to buy treats (they make Oliver sick anyway) or hot dogs or anything. so another plus!


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Today I had an 8am training session after Duncan's morning walk/run, then another training session after my lunch. We had an extra session. The only time we don't usually have training sessions is in the late evenings; Duncan is a little too tired for training to be very effective after his dinner at 7pm.


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All three of mine are happy to train at any time. Jinx is a little more groggy at night time and Kratos doesn't really wake up til noon so I try and train in between 3 and 9 at night.


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Jukes is pretty good at any time, but I'm not - so we don't train any later than 9pm since at that point I just want to flop down and laze around for a bit - but I might still get him to do some tricks that he already knows like fetching me a drink or something.

I tend to give at least 5, ten minute sessions per day - we normally have a few more here and there - most of these are just after walks or just before food - he is food crazy so he concentrates really well and I can give him his dinner as the jackpot (when he does something really well).


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I prefer to train outside so our training times are dictated by nature. We have currently temperatures nearing 30 c (so around 85 f I think) which to us is super hot so we only train early in the morning or very late in the evenings when it's cooler. I especially don't handle heat very well, it makes me all grumpy. During winters we have to train during the few hours we have sunlight so around mid-day. I think the dogs are pretty conditioned into this, they expect to be trained at certain hours and are ready to go.


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Mine will work with me whenever I motivate them. Dasy especially loves to train and premacking with her is easy so food isn't necessary. I love working with Dasy outside, but I tend to stay in unless it's warmer than 65 degrees F outside.


My dogs work best mid-morning, and before any exercise. If they are tired, they won't work. Such brats I deal with! ;)