Our very first agility "competition"


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OK, not a real competition, just a thing the the club organised, and there was a beginner class, so I thought we shoul take part, just for fun.
But afterall, we ended up on the first place!! :)
We didn't have any contacts yet, because beginners haven't done any contacts yet, so we had 2 jumping runs. We camer in 3rd in the first one, and 1st in the second, but afterall we are first!! :)
I'm just so proud!!! :D

Enjoy! :)

(by the way, this is our ninth time on an agility course... :LOL:)


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Dogs usually love agility. Pami is just crazy about it! :LOL:
(you can't see this on the video, she is usually a lot faster... :S)


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Well Done! Pami looks happy :dogsmile: And...Congratulations on your win...hope it is the first of many! :dogbiggrin:

I'd love to do agility with my dogs, but I cant find a club to train with :dogsad:


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Pami seems to be responding quite well! Congrats on the win. Looks like you're both really enjoying it. :)


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Thanks! :)
I think this baceame a big love of us... :D
Too bad the weather is soo bad here lately, so we can't really go to trainings...
But we still do lots of things, shaping games (dinner), and stuff liek that.
So we are still not bored!! :D