Olate Dogs!!!


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OMD!!!!!!! THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!:D:D YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE this act, they deserved to win!!!! They are AMAZING!!!! This shows what positive reinforcement training can do!!! You can see the love and devotion between the owners and dogs, they all do it with so much passion, it's truly a beautiful thing.:love: I love the fact that all or almost all of the dogs are rescues!!!!:love::)


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OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPELL BINDING ACT!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D This is the most AWESOME, AMAZING act I've EVER seen I LOVE this act and they sure did deserve to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am repeating what Dogster has said, you can see the love and devotion between the dogs and the owners. So much passion, it really and truly is a beautiful thing to see, let alone the talent there! And I too LOVE that most of the dogs are rescue dogs.!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love: Yes it truly does show what Positive Reinforcement Training can achieve. Anyone seeing these dogs would be left in not doubt whatsoever that Positive Reinforcement Training is the ONLY way to train.


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I didn't listen to all of the interviews -- do they say how they train the dogs?
I'm also curious how they train their dogs, although the father seems to genually love his dogs till death.

Love the fact that most of their dogs are rescues.

Have to admit that I personally wouldn't pick up the dogs the whole time when they have to start/stop, but maybe that is because they don't want the dogs to breack the stay on their own (or maybe it's just me, I'm not really fond of picking up dogs, but maybe thats because Mazzel and Boef both weight something like 30-35 kg, and they are not to fat lol).
Also not quite fond of the backflip (but again I have big dogs and I'm scared as hell that they will hurt their back).

But hey their performance looks great, they won the show and the jury/public seemed to love it, so what am I whining about?


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Somewhere on their Facebook Page they mention that they make games out of teaching the tricks (I think they said "If you turn it into a game it's easier"), so I'm assuming they use mostly +R.

I don't know, I was overall rather unimpressed with most of their tricks - although that could be because I have seen many of you all teach your dogs MUCH more incredible/complicated behaviors ;) . I just think they focused too much on the dogs walking on their back legs. And I agree, I didn't like the picking up/carrying to place - I would have been far more impressed if they had sent them to their place to start each trick, but I'm guessing they probably did it that way to save time/lower potential for errors.

I did LOVE the little conga line though, and the little dog that "misbehaved" was adorable. And Bella's trick where she jumped over the guy doing a forward roll and then barrel rolled underneath the guy jumping was AWESOME.

Either way I LOVE the fact that this really is the year of the Dog. First Ashley and Pudsey on BGT, and now Olate Dogs on AGT. Hope that will encourage people to get out there and teach their dog something new and cool!


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Haha funny I didn't want to mention, because I had critisized enough, but I also thought they did to much of the same, great that they uwe +R though.