Ok, All Of The Exciting Things And My Blog


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Hey all, so first, I have a blog for my service dog in training, in all honesty with you guys I have a disability which entails some rough things that I experienced as a young child as well as something that happened not too long ago. My recovery process has been a long one and Chaplin has been great helping me through it more recently.

So this is our blog: http://laughingchaplin.blogspot.com/

The latest post basically just explains everything that's going on right now. I'll just copy and paste the part about what's going on with me and the fun things I'm doing, you're welcome to read the second part on the blog. There are also 6 other posts on the blog. I plan on becoming active with it again -- feel free to follow me!

Well, to begin, I am currently working at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago as a dog trainer. I am also starting up my own private dog training and walking business so that's coming along nicely. Right now I just aim to teach general manners, puppy socialization, working out problems with new dogs, some behavioral problems (destruction of the house and such), and will work with people that want to get their dogs ready for the finer things in life like becoming a therapy dog and what not. I also do individual dog walking and leave report cards and am more than willing to send live pictures of my clients' pup(s). As well as this I do combos of walking and training lessons. Here's the exciting part, in order to make my business grow:

In August I will be attending an intense seminar which will teach me how to pick out and train a dog to detect diabetes and alert their handler to when their blood sugar is too high or low. It's going to be so exciting but hard work as well to learn everything I can and make the most out of my attendance. After this seminar I will be ready to start training Diabetic Alert Dogs (D. A. D.) for persons with that kind of disability. So if you happen to know anyone in the Chicago area (including suburbs) that is looking for a D. A. D. trainer go ahead and let them know about me. I can be contacted at [email protected] and will be most willing to dive right in at very reasonable prices (I do have to eat after all). In the mean time I should get my private dog training and walking business all set up and ready to go by the end of the seminar, I'm just waiting on getting my liability insurance with my sister's help. By then I should have a website up and running, I'm debating if I should just stick to facebook for it but am concerned facebook won't look as professional as a real site.

Along with this, I also am attending a seminar which Ian Dunbar is speaking at in September. Before then, also in August I am seeing both Patricia McConnell speak and Steve White speak at another lengthy seminar =). Gosh, being a *good* dog trainer is so time consuming!


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Same here Anneke respct!!!!!!!! Training D.A.D. dogs, not easy, takes time and dedication.

Sounds like you and Chaplain are having a blast though. Keep up the good work.:)(y)