Oh The Options...


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There are not a lot of accredited organizations that do psych dogs, but with your mobility needs as well that would open it up to organizations that do "special skills" dogs or dogs in more than one area. The organization I train for (you're outside our service area of the midwest) won't do just psych dogs, but if the person has a disability in the areas we typically train for (mobility, diabetic, hearing, seizure, autism) than we will do combo dogs.

Check out ADI for their list of member organizations who may or may not be able to help you. I just wouldn't rule out anything while you're still doing research on age, breed, organizations vs owner trained, wait lists, etc.



Thanks Fickla, Shadows for life is on there which was out origional plan, But thanks for the headsup! I have emailed neads and will do so with those programs aswell!


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ADI is not the only assistance dog organisation but is the most widely known. Also check out the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (www.iaadp.org). They are more involved with owner trained dogs and may be able to give you other support options.


Thanks , I got pointed to iaadp recently by someone else so will check them out! Has anyone had any luck with Aussie shepherds doing the kind of work Im looking for?


You should look at boxers, I have been doing research on them in regards to training one to be a hearing dog for myself and they have received very good reviews.