Official Agility Trials For Dogs Without Papers And Mix Breeds!


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ADAA (agility dog assosiation of australia) is an official dog agility association holding agility trails in all states in australia.It's open to ALL dogs,including crosses,mixes mutts,dogs without papers or a pure W/without papers :)

Membership is cheap and affordable,and covers you for the whole year to go to trails :)

here is the link if you would like a little look :)


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All agility in NZ is open to all breeds, mixed breed, dogs with no papers... How come it is different in Aussie?


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Well,in australia,there is:

ADAA and then there is ANKC (

The ANKC is the main one,which only allows pedigree's with papers :(
Not many people know about ADDA,and miss out on the agility side of things :'(


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That seems weird to me too that you should have an exclusive club just for the "highborn"
maybe the mutts are just too good !