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My name is Melinda and I've been clicker training for over 12 years. I have five dogs and one is a new puppy, so I've been working with her. She knows sit, down, stand and an informal "come" pretty well. We are also working on getting her to wave with either paw on hand signal. We've done targeting, and some some off-lead heeling with her in the house, and we're just now working on some on-lead heeling outdoors, plus socialization with lots of people. She is 13 weeks old, so still too young for puppy class, but I'm looking around for a good clicker one.

I love tricks and want to teach her a lot of them, and that's how I ended up here, by googling. What a wonderful site, and what a great service you're doing to help folks with their dogs. I'm going to enjoy working my way through your lessons. Thank you so much for making this available to us! :dogsmile:

Jean Cote

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Hi Iris!

:welcome: to the website! I'm glad that you find it useful and informative, if I do my job right I will have inspired you to train your dog :msnwink:

The Academy isn't finished yet, but I am working on it. As of right now I have only completed up to Level 3, but things are going to get very interested once I get down to the later lessons where I can Shape behaviors!

Keep us updated on your training! :msnsmile: