Need Some Help


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I am training a puppy that I just got at 8 weeks. In September, he and I will start a class for service dogs. I have a list of things to introduce him to during the 4-12 week period that is crucial for socialization but the puppy is not fully vaccinated. One of the things I am supposed to introduce him to are reptiles. I do not really have a list of friends that have reptiles so I can introduce him to several... any suggestions??

I have been working thru the list in safe places by creative thinking... took him to a restaurant to meet someone with a Harley motorcycle since I did not have a list of friends with those either... have taken him to fire station, police department, automotive place I frequent, etc. I keep balloons in the house etc. However, some of the items I just do not have any good ideas of how to find people that some of the things I need.
Does anyone have any suggestions?