My Dogs


Hey everyone! I'm new here on the Dog Trick Academy forum. Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what kind of dogs I have and the method I use to train them:
--Porter (Border Terrier Mix), 1 year old
knows: sit, down, roll over, high five, gimme ten, paw, leave it, stay, come, some agility, bow, left paw, right paw, touch, touch it (I point to something and he goes and touches it with his paw) and just recently learned how to jump into my arms!
--Boo (Australian Shepherd/Lab), 1 year old
knows: sit, down, stay, come, touch, leave it, sit pretty, paw, high five
--Henry (purebred Lab), 13 years old
knows: sit, down, shake, stay, come
--Willa (purebred Basset Hound), 5 months old
knows: sit, leave it
All animals were taught using only positive reinforcement and clicker training!