Me And My Fuzzy

what the fuzz

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Hi everyone! My name is Mary Penny and I am dog trainer currently living in Dayton, OH. I am always working with other people and their dogs so thought I would join this community to motivate me to work with my own dog on a regular basis.
I have a wire coated Ibizan Hound who is a little over a year and a half. He's been clicker trained since he was in the whelping box and is an amazing and enthusiastic learner. He's my better half! :)
Hope to meet some great like-minded people here and have fun training.



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Welcome. I always wondered if trainers needed help with motivation sometime. Must be kind of like working in a day care to go home and work with your kids. LOL. I love dogs and that is why I joined. I NEED to train them for something other than lap blankets, altough they are great at it!