Low Shedding Breeds


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OH how fun, you and Dogcrazy are real life pals? :LOL: did you meet here on DTA, or did you know each other prior to both of you joining DTA? HOW AWESOME!! I'd so enjoy having a pal who is into teaching tricks to dogs!! My pals love dogs, but, they have the typical "feed them, walk them" dog lives...


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Yeah... dogcrazy and I knew eachother quite a while before any of us got a dog. Dogcrazy got Carmel first, then about a year later, I got Shivon.:D


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yeah, i had trouble remembering how i did that. One CAN post pictures in info section, but now, i can not remember how i did that.....I once posted a thread on this once long ago...maybe a new thread, might help members realize they CAN post pics of their dogs in their info section....

at risk of being repetitive, i think, i will post another thread asking how it is done!! so other members will see it,and realize, "oh! we can do that?" :ROFLMAO: Plus, i honestly HAVE forgotten how to add pictures to the "info" section....
Maybe, Jean could add another tab, to everyone's page, called "Pictures of my dog":LOL:


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For a long, long time(12 years) I have had only one dog. And never wanted a second, because of my job. I used to work in a lunchroom so odd hours. I was very fortunate to have my mother to dogsit for me. Shane kept me busy as he was a hgh energy dog.
It wasn't untill a friend of mine got her puppy, that puppycravings came around. Seeing her do all this fun stuff and new stuff with her dog, made me want to do this aswell.
But my Shane was getting old and blind, so there was a lot he simply couldn't do anymore.
Then we got Cooper and I felt that things fell in place. Two dogs made my family complete.
Well, we had let Shane go(at almost 17 years) and he left a huge empty space. In the house and in my heart. And there were the puppycravings again.
Cooper just wasn't interested in the things I was interested in... frisbee, obedience, only in for tricks when HE wanted to. So here came Jinx. And again, my family feels complete.
I guess, I wouldn't have gotten Jinx, if Cooper had been more of a workaholic.
What I feel is difficult about having MY two dogs is, that I can't take Cooper with me when I go to work(dogwalking), because of his dogagression. So I have to go and walk him when I come home after walking dogs for 3 or 4 hours.
This would, ofcourse, be different if I had two social dogs;)
And taking one dog along on a trip or while visiting friends is easier then two dogs.

Something that is difficult over here, is planning a vacation. A lot of holidayhomes allow only one dog. To me, that is so strange!! I know a lot of people who have two dogs!
Anyway, we always go on holiday WITH our dogs, so it takes a lot of searching for a good place.

But I love having two dogs. They are so different from eachother.
But I wouldn't go further than 2... I simply don't have the space, time, or money to have three...Not the way I have dogs.
I stopped taking Cooper to the dogschool, because he really doesn't enjoy obedience. He loved agility, but he can't do that anymore because of his backproblems.
But almost 2 years ago I went to the dogschool 3 times a week... twice with Cooper(obedience and agility) and once with puppy Jinx(obedience)
Now I take Jinx twice a week, for agility and obedience. I would love to take frisbee lessons and do dogdance and go herding... But I don't have the money to do it all at once;)
In spring, when the weather is better, I will start frisbee, though. A friend of mine started teaching it and has invited me to join her very first class!! No costs, because I tipped her on a frisbee teaching job(wich she got) and she asked me to groom her two Bearded collies for her.
So that's a good deal!

Another thing, i just thought of, about having two dogs is... If you already have a grown up, well behaved dog, he/she will help in raising/training the other. I find I can't beat Cooper correcting Jinx. He only needs one glance and she knows she has to stop:cool:
That is the advantage, but on the other hand, they can take over each others bad habits as well:rolleyes:


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I would love to get a second dog but my mom is worried about the vacation part. I don't get why most hotels only allow one dog :(. So for now I am looking for a good breed, so when I am ready I know where to look.


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Just get a border collie!!:) I know you really want one!!:D You've wanted one for a REALLY, REALLY long time!!!!:rolleyes:


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Well, if you have heart set on a border collie, it's wayyyyyyyy easier and way safer to rescue an adult border collie. The fosters can tell you just how much excercise that particular dog needs to stay sane...how much boredom that particular dog can tolerate, prior to eating your sofa....
Many BCs can't tolerate boredom as well as some breeds....they can go nutz if they have too many boring days in a row, and develop behavior problems if they aren't kept busy enough.

adult dogs are so much less of a mystery than infant mystery box dogs.
You can SEE and hear about just WHO that particular individual dog is.

but, many BC owners report their BCs shed like crazy, too. the fact that my particular BC does not shed much, could be argued against by many many owners of other BCs. No one sees BCs as a low shedding dog.

and you have to realize, the BC will live to be 12 or more years old. When you leave for college, will your mom like trying to keep a BC busy enough that he won't eat the sofa?
Or, if you can bring a BC to college with you, will a college student have enough time left over to keep a BC from being bored, when you will have classes, maybe a job as well, homework, parties and friends,AND a border collie?
It can be done, but wow, it takes a reeeeeeeeally high energy committed person, to make sure the dog doesn't get the leftover scraps of time...

you always have to look ahead, when you bring home a dog, it's not just how he fits in THIS year, but how about 5 years from now? or 10 years from now?


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Thanks everyone. I am looking for a breed that is good in agility, tricks and freestyle. Also the dog will get 2, 1 hour walks a day. I have a medium sized yard. I don't want a curly coated because of the grooming, washing etc. I dont have anything against poodles but dont really want one.
Zsu-Zsu is a Havanese , researched on line and her breed was a good fit for our family. Low shedding , has hair not fur , I groom her myself ,she only weighs 10 lbs , super smart easily trains and very agile. Most of all she is not a one-person dog she loves the whole family , but be sure to read up because these dogs are great companions so if you need or want your alone time this dog is not for you.

Pia Lagotto

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I'm a non shedding dog. I am very smart, loyal, loving and love to hunt birds, rabbits etc. I am a Laggoto and my breed is over 3000 years old...all spaniels, retrievers, and water dog breeds are descendants of my breed. Oh yes and so is the Poddle a desendant.