Long Hiatus... Update, and Easter Poodle Movie


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Hey guys - anyone remember me/my Poodles? :dogwub:

Sorry it's been so long. I've missed you all!

I've been really busy still building up a clientele for my boarding/grooming shop, and the service dog program is really expanding. Besides my Standard Charlie and my family's 14 y/o Toy who now lives with me, the program has 4 more Standards and 2 Minis in training.

Harmony - my 'permanent foster', lol. She is 16 m/o and just refining her Service Dog skills (wheelchair assistance), however she'll be staying with me as a breeding dog for the program (pending health testing). She is also in-training for Search and Rescue, with a focus of finding clues/articles, rather than ignoring them and only alerting on an actual person.
Donovan - 16 m/o huge brown Standard. He is a new addition and learning to retrieve and provide balance.
Honor and Serenity - 8 m/o black Standards closely related to Harmony. They are doing very well and mainly need to grow-up before being placed... many of their tasks are already known.
Pixie - 5 y/o rescue Mini. She is ready for a therapy home but needs eye surgery before being placed.
Victor - 2 y/o rescue Mini, probably with Cocker. Sweetest, most devoted pup ever... poor guy was passed-over by many potential homes because he had 'too much energy' - he wiggles and jumps to get attention - once you touch him he melts into your arms and will stay still for the length of a movie! He's in training as a therapy dog.

Charlie was recently diagnosed with a tick-borne disease (anaplasmosis) which he has apparently had for about a year and a half (I hadn't realized that the testing we'd been doing didn't cover that particular disease)... I assumed it was just part of his maturing that made him calm down, until he started limping and then cried while trying to climb the stairs :msncry:
He's been on antibiotics and assorted supplements for a couple weeks now and is starting to get some of his old energy back - even made an effort to catch a frisbee I had tossed for Harmony!

Charlie was on the Animal Planet show Dogs 101 and the episode is played over and over. a portion of it can be seen here:
He is every cream Standard you see, other than the one in show coat.

We were also just on the PBS show BizKid$ but it's not available in my area (covers 97% of the US), so I'm waiting for it to arrive on DVD.

I've also decided to start making holiday movies featuring at least one Poodle, and will be uploading them to YouTube. Here is the Easter one:

Charlie the Poodle Saves Easter


I'm hoping to find more time to 'hang-out' with you guys again - DTA is still the best group I've found!

-Jillian / YoYoPoodle


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So glad to see you back Jillian!!!

Love the vids as always. ^^ You've got a houseful now!! So sorry to hear about poor Charlie, but glad he's on the mend. Good luck!!!

Hope you get to stick around for a while. :)


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Thank you :)

Lol - I forgot to mention Lucky who is a sibling to Serenity and was here for 4 months of 'advanced pet training', and Vivian who has been here for a month of service dog basics and goes home this week.

There's no way to completely catch-up, but I'm having fun going through the forums:doghappy: