Little brag


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Enjoyed our weekend away at Port Pirie (a country town about 2 1/2 hours from Adelaide), pleasant weather, great company and to top it off Ashwyn (my german coolie) passed both days in his Novice obedience trial. It was his first time competing in Novice, had a couple of minor hiccups but he did work well, coming 2nd on Sat & 3rd on Sun. Hopefully get his 3rd leg for his CD (companion dog) title next weekend, well she can be an optimist!!!

Smiles :dogsmile::doglaugh:


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Hi Linda
A big congratulations on your two passes. Next weekend no problemo three out of three.
Her little sister wants to say to Ashwyn that she passed and got her second leg and managed to stay in a sit position while everyone around her were dropping or walking away. (Pity she couldnt get over a jump properly though LOL)
Danni and the girls


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Hey sis well done on passing your 2nd open, I'll catch up with you one of these days.
My mum said she noticed when we were playing on the wet grass she saw you didn't roll on it just made sure I did & I got nice & wet, needed a good towelling before going in the ring!!!!!
Good luck for your title next weekend, hopefully a double celebration????
Your vocal bro
Ashwyn (who doesn't know the meaning of quiet!)