Lickety Stik... Found A New Training Treat


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wow, those Zukes are expensive! KA-CHING!! wow.:eek: I'd probably spend $50 per month or even more on those!! wow....(EDIT, oh, Amateur's link is way less costly than the link above i had looked at...)

and if you read ingredient list, they all have a few controversial ingredients, like salt. Still, those are wayyyyy better than most store bought treats are!:D

I use homemade treats, scraps of real meat, occasionally a bit of cheese, hotdogs, (hotdogs bits dusted with parmesan are 5-star treats in Buddy's opinion)

I change up his treats pretty often, rotating them dog seems to like this.


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I buy Zuke's on sale.:) I have to use many, many treats to keep <------ interested.:rolleyes: Best treats for agility: Get Naked 18 calorie. And yes, they are expensive, but they work better than ham!!!!:eek:


A Lickety Stik has over 500 licks per bottle so that goes along way if you give each dog 1 lick per "treat".

I am curious, for those of you using already using Lickety Stik in your training, how many licks are you giving per "treat"?

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I had never heard about it...
Sounds a nice ideia...

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The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."
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I wrote Lickety stik and they said it was ok for cats as long as they arent allergic to any of the ingredients ... so she get to enjoy without the wait. -- she's pushy enough to get hers AND the dogs too


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Turns out, Jillain there, lives in the next town from me, and she hooked me up with a Lickety Stick.:D
I got a "Smokey Bacon" one, which seems to have pretty strong scent to it, so i wonder if it also has a strong taste as well???
but, next time, i do believe i will go for a peanut butter flavor one, for a more gentle taste.

When i first introduced it, Buddy of course, tried to gently take the entire container out of my hand, :ROFLMAO: as he IS much accustomed to having "puzzles" made of water bottles, so, he figured it must be one of those homemade "puzzles".:rolleyes: but, Buddy quickly came to understand, he just gets a lick.

But, Buddy likes it!! I like it. Buddy follows me around when i carry it now...more proof he likes it.
It is not too large to carry around, fits in coat pocket just fine. It will fit into bluejean pocket, if you don't wear tight jeans.
No crumbs or stink in your coat pockets, either...the thing is only about 3 inches tall, maybe.

I've only had 2 or 3 sessions with Buddy, he works just as nicely for the Lickety Stick, as he does for treats. Right now, I give Buddy about 3 or 4 licks per correct move. I might slow that down to only 2 licks...still figuring it out myself.

Nice things i've noticed is,
besides MY fingers are clean:ROFLMAO:, so i can even scratch my cheek, or re-arrange my hair, without imparting a liver scent to my face!!:ROFLMAO:
sometimes, when doing agility with Buddy, or when working on super fast type of tricks,
Buddy almost sort of coughs a bit after a treat that he swallows, now and then,
like, as if my dog might have a crumb still in his throat(?) while beginning to run around again after his treat......hard to explain,
if you've ever seen your dog sort of cough a bit after a treat during fast pace tricks,
you'll know what i mean. Lol, i don't think Buddy always properly swallows his treats when doing fast pace tricks...

well, no coughing on crumbs while moving quickly, if you use a Lickety Stick.


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I also noted, my dog, being very slightly perplexed by the new form of a treat,
sort of slowed himself down just a bit,
instead of working himself into a frenzy while training, (Buddy CAN become a lil tornado now and then while training:rolleyes: and does all his tricks at hyper lightening speeds/TOO fast..)
who knows?
this here Lickety Stick might be good way to reward hyper spazzy types of dogs?? it sort of seems the novelty, the break in Buddy's routine, just sort of helped prevent him from getting too hyper. which is good, for my dog.:ROFLMAO::rolleyes: I do believe, i will use this thing,
if my dog goes TOO hyper during lessons....

it's possible, overtime, as Buddy gets more and more accustomed to the new treat device,
that Buddy will resume his occasionally hyper way:rolleyes: of zooming through all lessons at 100 mph,
but, for now, the new thing threw him off just a tad, and sort of makes him act at more 'normal' speed.:ROFLMAO: Not a bad thing for *my* dog to take his treat/reward and resume his lesson just a bit slower...he seemed a lil more thoughtful and deliberate during his lesson!!


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Dogster, if you do get one, maybe try the peanut butter one. Lol, i just tasted it, (i know, how terrible am i? i rubbed it on back of my hand and licked my own hand:ROFLMAO: ) and it does have pretty strong taste, the "Smokey Bacon" one. sort of tastes a little bit like worcestershire sauce, imo.
My dog likes it though, although he did drink water after his lesson...which is why i wanted to check to see if the taste burned or anything, (it didn't, at all, not at all). Probably he always drinks water after his lesson, and i just never noticed!! :ROFLMAO:

but, i'd bet thePeanut Butter one is best one, (just a guess.) Probably Peanut Butter one is more gentle taste. but, my dog likes "Smoky bacon" one just fine!! My dog and i do not always agree on what DOES taste good!! :ROFLMAO::LOL::giggle::rolleyes:


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They have peanut butter ??!?!? Dang ...
I got the chicken and yeah it smells a little bit kind of like a bullion cube

I think I would like the peanut butter one too.

Best part ... clean hands ! and no nipped fingers.


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oh, maybe i am mixed up, maybe it does not come in peanut butter.....ha. sorry.

ah, from Jillian's facebook link above, it says:

Lickety Stik by PetSafe's newest flavors Beef Burger, Peanut Butter and Sharp Cheese, will be available this summer!//


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if someone is trying to teach leg weaves, or similar cues where you might like to have a treat in both hands, or alternating hands, well,
this Lickety Stik thing is really easy to pass hand to hand, compared to bitts of food,
if you are still having to reward each loop through one at a time. I just checked that, yeap, is pretty handy that way---passing the lil bottle from one hand to the other, to treat from both or quickly-alternating hands, i mean.

i remember, when i was still at the stage where i was treating each individual loop through, i found holding treats in both hands kind of hard to do...(without giving dog the whole handful, i mean!:ROFLMAO: ) back then, i sort of interrupted each step,
to use both hands to pick out one treat from my hand to give him....if that makes sense.

If i was holding treats in BOTH hands as i leg weaved with Buddy, if i tried to slip out just one(1) treat out of my hand to reward him, without stopping to manually pick out just one(1) treat to give Buddy,
the whole handful sometimes spilled out. :ROFLMAO:


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this Lickety Stik is also nice for rewarding that type of heelwork
where dog keeps his face turned up to look at you.

If i reward that type of heelwork with swallow-able treats, it seems Buddy sort of coughs a bit from pointing his face back up too fast before he's completely swallowed the treat.

It's also nice to have a treat thing not in fridge. My homemade treats, are kept in fridge, not all over the house.
I can picture, if this Stik thing continues to work out very well, i would like to have one of these upstairs and one downstairs, to 'capture' stuff. I do keep clickers all over the house, but not treats, just tuggy toys.

I'm liking this thing.:D I'm still observing how Buddy is liking it, so far, so good!


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OMD, I NEED to get this, LOL:ROFLMAO: I did some research on it last night, I REALLY like it!!!!:D The ingredients are great too!!!!!