Learned The Wrong Thing To The Right Command!?


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Hi all! It's been a looong time since I posted on here and Richo our spoodle is now 18 months old and has been busy learning to be friends with our 6 month old daughter!

I have two or three things I want to ask but I'll split them up over different threads...
This one is in regards to walking and heeling...

When he was younger we worked through pulling on walks by using the old 'I stop when you pull, I walk when you don't pull' technique. It kind of worked, however it seems he taught himself (or I inadvertently taught him) to simply stop and sit when I stop (which is great for traffic lights/crossings etc!) but it means that the stopping cue does not stop him pulling, it simply stops him walking - and he pulls again as soon as we start moving.

Any advice on what I can try now to stop the pulling and have him walk nicely by my side instead of leading me along?

It's worth noting that the pulling is not horrible - I am not being dragged along and he is not choking himself - however he is certainly using all the leash he can and often weaves side-to-side etc. We would like him walking nicely/calmly alongside to us on a loose lead.



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Congratulations on your daughter!

A variation on the method you currently use would be to turn around and go back in the direction you came when he pulls, instead of stopping. Then he wouldn't sit. He would have to walk over the same bit of footpath over and over until he realises that he isn't going anywhere until he stops pulling.

Alternatively you could teach the no pulling using treats. Click/treat when he is walking where you want him to be.

I would recomment using both treats and maybe either changing direction or calling him back.

Here's a kikopup vid (this is basically how I taught Holly not to pull):



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Also, this video is more about the change of direction that I mentioned. It sounds like Richo is doing this "yo-yo" behaviour.