Kita, Bella And Their Human


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Hello! Let's start with introducing the human, shall we?

My name is Kertu, though I use the name Sneg most of the time online. I'm 17, I live in Estonia (that is a small country in north-east Europe), I'm a full-time student and been a dog owner for 7 years.

First, the "old dog", the "small dog" or the "bush", also known as Bella for friends and Bella-Donna officially. She's seven years old bolonka/terrier mix fuzzball. She wasn't socialized until nearly 3 years old, until 13-year-old me decided that I want to try agility. Well, we did go to training, and the little frighened dog turned into dog that ignores others and growls quietly every now and then (don't worry, she won't snap).

Bella knows many tricks, but she's getting old and lazy. She much prefers sleeping, but she is still doing well in agility. Bella is handled by my 10-year-old sister, who got infected by the virus called "love of dogs sports" (they started when my sis was 8).

I needed a new dog when I didn't have Bella anymore. I looked into many breeds, but my favorite was Border Collie. Unfortunately that didn't work out, but I did get another dog. She is from shelter and most likely has something to do with both sighthounds and belgian malinois. She was around 9-8 months old and found from the streets. Though she was wearing a collar, no one claimed her. She got the name Kita and started with agility classes around two weeks after us adopting her. I've now had her for 9 months and she's super dog. Just the dog I wanted - active, fast, intelligent. She does, however, bark when obeying commands. All the time.

I love teaching my dogs new tricks. I don't do much with Bella anymore, but Kita is a fast learner. She can bring me nearly anything, do a rebound, jump over my back, run an agility course, touch with nose, give me paws, cross paws, do circles, run around things and so on. While barking, of course.

I also have a Youtube account (TheAgilityMutt), if anyone is interested in our agility runs.


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Hi, welcome to DTA. I'm also 17 I have a Border collie/lab. Both of your dogs are so cute. I don't compete in agility but I do set up jumps in my yard for my dog Missy she is a great jumper and loves it.


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I would love to have my dogs in agility, they are so fast when they run. I just need them to be able to focus and listen to commands near other dogs