Kelsey And Replay Here!


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Hey guys!

I'm Kelsey, and I have this cool little French Brittany I like to call Replay. She is a five year old purebred from strictly field lines. We haven't worked on tricks that much, but the cues she does know are:
sit (sit with me behind you, beside me (both sides), turn around and sit in front of me, recall and sit, etc.)
down (relaxed, on hip)
drop (d0wn, get ready to go; speed drop, drop on recall, etc.)
shake (right paw)
paw (left paw)
HAI! (weaves both paws)
sit pretty
play dead (on right side)
bang (on left side)
circle me (go from right to left)
rotate (go from left to right)
weave legs
figure 8
nose touch
paw touch
circus (sit pretty with arms up)
lift (right paw hold)
heel (left side)
spin (right rotate)
give me a hug
hug a pole
dribble a soccer ball
stop a soccer ball
head a soccer ball
fetch me your tennis ball
go to your mat
go to your crate
stand (hind legs)
up (four legs)
wait (stay on up)
stay (sit/drop/down)
hide-n-seek (get between my legs)
get on (tables/boxes/etc.)
jump over my arm
jump over my leg
nudge it
roll over

We are currently working on:
mark (raise hind leg to look like peeing)
cover your eyes

I hope to take Silvia Trkman's trick class soon, but I think we are doing good for only really working on tricks for the past few months.(:


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You can pay?(; haha. justkidding!
i've been so brain dead with tricks i've been teaching her to do tricks on boxes. hahah.
and thank you!