Just Got A Ferret... Need Names =)


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I just got a girl ferret. What can I say other than she's a little turd? Lol! She's super cute and playful and doesn't bite, just play nips. Is really clumsy as she tries to get into everything... haha.

I need a name though! I've only named dogs and I feel a dog name doesn't fit a ferret, does that make sense? lol


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O_M_G I actually just had an epiphany. I'm going to name her Poko! Kind of weird, I know. It's from the movie "Pom Poko".

Pom Poko is the sound the Tanukis (japanese raccoon dog) make by banging on their tummies in the movie. She looks like a Tanuki. Is clever like the Tanukis in the movie and silly, and all sorts of mischief, and rolls onto her back and rubs/beats her tummy when she's in my lap!

So, some people may think the name is weird, but oh well =). I think Poko sounds cute.


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So my birthday is coming up in two weeks and my Mom told me that she was getting me a kitty. Her friend owns a farm which equals barn cats, but one day they found one kitten and do not know who the mother is. I'm getting her on Sunday, so I have a ton of shopping to do! I'm so excited :D!!!!!! I don't know if she counts as my first rescue, cause she is just coming from a barn, but she's going to a good home


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Poko is a very cute name.

I always wanted a ferret as a kid, but they don't seem to be common pets here at all, I wouldn't even know where to get one.


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On a side note, no, my entire house is not messy. I've been throwing things around and tossing things out, etc. That is just one room of my home and yes, unfortunately it is the messy one lol. And I'm always in it at night so all the videos have bad lighting lol due to always being shot when it's dark out.

Here's my favorite, I had put my empty redbull can down and when I was going to throw it away I didn't see it there... so I looked around there it was with Poko!