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Hi, my name is Lisa, and I'm 20 years old from North Wales in the UK. I have had dogs in the past (usually border collies or labs) and we recently got a new puppy called Jet, born 9th March 2011. Jet is a German Shephard Collie Cross - black with a white tummy, paws and chin :) I'll try to get a picture up soon.

We're still in the process of him having his injections, but I thought I would check the training out early. Once he's had all his vet checks we'll be taking him to puppy training and I would love to take part in some of the trainings on this website.

He's a very intelligent puppy and already knows how to sit, shake and lie, and definitely needs to keep his mind occupied. We haven't used a clicker yet but that's definitely something I would like to incorporate into training.

... and sorry about my username, when it asked for a name I put in full rather than just "Lisa" or "Lisa and Jet" - Ohwell!


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Hi Lisa! I'm in SouthernUK! I have a Shepherd cross too, though Oka <--- Is a Northern Inuit x GSD. Jet sounds very smart :love:, there are lots of tricks on this site for him to learn!


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Welcome to the DTA! Your pup sounds awesome! You'll find alot of cool ideas to train your dog on this site, and clickertraining is def. the way to go with a smartie like Jet :D

Enjoy the forums, and your new puppy!

Lisa Powell

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Hi Tash - Oka is beautiful!! Thank you for the welcome to the forum
Finally got a picture of Jet up. Not the best because he doesn't stay still for more than a few seconds.
Thanks for the welcome Sara - I did get around to getting a clicker and he seems to respond well to it. I just need to train myself to juggle the hand signals, clicker, and treats ;)