Is this a bad idea?


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My neighbors recently adopted a shepherd mix, cute little dog, still has a lot of puppy in her. This dog gets loose all the time. I've had to rescue her a few times when her people weren't home. she has a talent for finding weak spots in fencing. They started leaving her on a tie outside, but she slips her collar and is off and running.
I'm concerned that she'll run afoul of cars or other dogs, so I was thinking of buying her a heavy-duty harness like the one Zena has, and just leaving it (anonymously) hanging on their fence in a gift bag. I guess I'm going on the theory that these people don't know how escape-proof a good harness is, or maybe funds are tight.
I just don't want to offend or irritate them. What do you think, guys?

Jean Cote

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Well if the dog is left alone in a harness outside, she'll probably just chew herself out of it. They should fix their backyard fences A.S.A.P. I've recently just fixed mine by putting dirt at the bottom of the fence, might not be esthetically pleasing but it works!