Is Is Parson Or Jack?


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You guys do! I'm a lot like her in the compassion for animals, and I love to learn knew things all time. She might be half the reason I want to go in the business of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs for a living.

She said it was one of the worst fillings of angry she had, like it took all her self control not to chase them and beat them senseless. And boy are they spoiled, one of them eats dinner with her, and another one gets brushed for almost 2 hours a night. :rolleyes:


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Same here Remi. I can fully understand how your Mom felt! I'd have exactly the same feelings. I just cannot understand why people can ill treat animals after all they do not harm anyone, are not jealous, racist, loyal, loving, faithful, if only all humans had all those traits this world would be more beautiful than it is already and we sure wouldn't have so much strife!

Two very spoiled cats, love that:love: Wish my long haired cat would let me brush her for two minutes every night, she's always right by me, here now nibbling on my fingers are I type, but bring out the brush and she's off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: I think someone's hurt her in the past:(

I think that's wonderful you want to go into rescuing and rehabilitating dogs:love: Sounds like you've learned a lot of good from your Mom:)(y)