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Hi! My name is Dawn and I share my life with 4 dogs- 3 Parson Russells- Ricochet, Havoc and Malarky and 1 English Springer Spaniel- Mellie. Ricochet has had the most training of my dogs as my plan was to show him in obedience and freestyle. Unfortunatley, life has gotten in the way the past few years with me needing to work a second job and then deciding to go back to school that my training time has been nonexistent. This summer I graduated and got the job I really wanted so I am ready to get back into training mode!:dogbiggrin:

I joined this forum to get back into the groove. I love the challenges and hope to participate (once I can figure out the video function on my digital camera). Nice meeting everyone!

Dawn and the PaRTy dogs- Ricochet, Havoc and Malarky
+ Mellie, the ESS


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Welcome to the Academy Dawn! This site should help you get back on track quite easily. :) Sounds like you have a fun houseful! Good luck with your dogs, and enjoy the site!