Introducing Shylo


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Hi there, I have a 8 and half months old GSD, and he is huge. Last time I weighed him on Oct 16, and he weighed 77.8lbs. Lol, he's a big dog, I keep forgetting that he is still a puppy lol.

Anyway I was suggested to do some more trick training and obedience training with him to get his mental motivations up, as he seems a bit down lately, avoiding eating and just looks sad. When he was at my parent's home (I go visit quite often for few days) he would play and play with their dogs, and recently I had another friend and her dog came to visit for a few weeks, so Shylo was busy playing with friends, but then they went home, and he was all alone again. So he was a bit sad, and wouldn't eat much, so I felt bad. My dad suggested me to try doing some trick training and obedience training with him before meals and see if that cheers him up a bit, it seems to work. I guess he is so smart that he needs mental stimulation to cheer up lol. Anyway I came to this website and thought this is so cool, I would love to try all the challenges and ideas for him.

Wish us luck. ;)


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Hi!! and Welcome,
I have a GSD-cross her name is Oka, she's 17months and weighs around 71lbs ;) So Shylo is gonna be huge!!
Oka loves tricks, and i think it does help them be happier - GSDs like to "work" whether thats a real job or just things you do together, i don't think they mind.
Hope you find some good stuff to do...don't be afraid to ask questions!