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Hi All,

I have a 11 year old terrier cross (Benji), and a rescue Labrador who is 10 months old (Poppy). Poppy has a few issues due to being a rescue which we are slowly working on, she does love to learn new tricks so am hoping to pick up some great mind stimulates for her. In the six weeks i have had her we have mastered sit, down, shake paw, other paw. We are working on the high five and began play dead yesterday, she just cant keep her tail still lol. We are also working on "close/heel" with a loose lead and is going well at this early stage, with the lure of liver cake or cheese.:dogbiggrin:

Next weekend we start our first training class as it seems she has had little socialization, and jumps all over everyone yet another thing we are working on. Seems she thinks people and dogs have just come out to see her lol. :doglaugh: