Inhaling Food


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Since this summer my dog has started to inhale her food and eat really fast. She gets fed 2 a day and she usually eats her breakfast and dinner in 2 min. I dont know what to do about this. Should I get her a higher bowl?


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Chance does the same thing. He still eats fast, but now he chews, so I guess that's an improvement! :p I toss a little bit of his kibble into his bowl, and let him eat it. I wait a second, then toss some more into his bowl. It takes a while, but he seems like he is slowing down, so I guess it worked for him.

You could also put his kibble into a cong ball.


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i like both of advice above, both are good ideas.
Buddy eats his dinner fairly quickly, too, no pausing at all, just eats it all right up.
but, so far as i can tell, he gets no problems from doing so. Although Buddy eats fairly quickly without pausing, he is a very healthy dog who just never has any digestion problems, never. (he is so healthy, that after years of having him, when he got his first diarrhea once, i had no idea how to treat it, cuz he just never ever gets digestion problems!)

i've heard some conflicting info on those "elevated bowls". I've heard some ppl think using such elevated bowls can contribute to dogs getting bloat. I am not sure if this is an "old dog owners myth" or if it IS true, but, some ppl say that.


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generally, i'm not entirely certain you have to worry much, really. i kind of think most dogs eat fairly quickly, without pausing........... so far as i know, the dog does not suffer bad consequence from doing so.

well, on days when Carmel is really bored, with nothing to do, you could also use a kibble-ball.

there are several styles of these, the kibble comes out when the dog pushes it around with his nose.

here is one style, there are many kinds, i just grabbed one off of the internet. for days when Carmel is really bored, maybe.(?)


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I thought about buying Mouse an anti gulp bowl, but she's too small, and can still gulp. She was so bad she would reverse sneeze through her whole meal... but I started putting water in with the dry food... problem completely solved, and I didn't have to spend any extra money!