ideas for a new trick


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Hi everyone,
I am a newbie. I have 6 dogs. kelpies, bordercollies and one little tenterfield terrier.
I am doing a dog training course and one of my assignments requires me to teach a dog a trick. It requires:-

Train a new complex behaviour with your dog, using a “bridge” and
A complex behaviour has more than one part, but does not have to be
The behaviour could be:
• a trick
• part of an obedience or agility routine
• a husbandry behaviour
It must be a new behaviour for the dog.
The video footage should show:
• small snippets of each step used to shape the behaviour
• the end product
The tape can include an audio explanation, however, this is not compulsory.

any ideas would be most welcome


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what are you trying to do? maybe I'm dense, (which being on some drugs due to surgery I might be)
Would you like teach them to turn out the lights? or just like wave?
how complex does the trick need to be? or teach heel or sit or down or what?
Sorry need to add turn out the lights would require using a "target" lid, and clicker can be used most definitly.


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Without knowing what tricks your dog already does, I would suggest..
Wave ... can be a 2 step trick, the sit then dog raises paw, as a wave.
Something else that shows most of the things on your list is put paw on box, a good one to show shaping on video and easy to explain vocually. Jean has a very good video in the classroom to help you out.