I Need Your Help, Most Important Topics

Jean Cote

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Hi Everyone!

I need your help! This community is growing daily but I really want new members to get the information that they need, so I was thinking of adding some links to the most important information on this site.

But I need your opinion as to what that is... Please reply with a link to the best page(s) on this site that you think would benefit a new visitor.

The links will be added to the left hand side, where you can read:

"Positive Dog Training"
"Dog Training Classes"
"Puppy Training".

Thank you so much for your help!


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Hmmm, that is tricky. There are SOOO many important things on this site, it's hard to choose!!!!:ROFLMAO: How about:
  • Dog Tricks
  • Dog Sports
  • Dog Behaviour Problems
  • Dog Breeds


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I think newbies could benefit from easy way to locate:

~clicker training--the basics or how to use one. Lotta newbies show up and have no idea what a clicker is, or why they should try one, when do you click? does every click get a treat, etc.

~Some training basics, some beginner do's and don'ts, like don't try for 45 minute lesson for beginner dogs, etc, keep treats small, don't advance super fast for beginner dogs, do let dog know when lesson is over, do make training fun, etc.

~maybe a spot on various ways to induce a wanted dog behavior, like how to lure a dog, how to capture a trick, and some freeshaping stuff, etc.

~Tricks sorted out by name, like, sit, stay, recall, rollover, etc etc. (lol, sorry, i WILL get around to helping tag those blogs!!:rolleyes: )

~Maybe some trick "problem solving" area? cuz your ideas and tips, Jean, have helped me so much, like your advice on moving training from room to room, or outdoors, to help perk up students, so maybe a list of those kind of tips? or maybe, that'd end up in the "do's and don't" list(?).......

~maybe a list of tricks sorted out by degree of difficulty, with some easy beginner tricks listed to help newbies get started? Something about you newbies can start teaching this here trick right now!! and then maybe 3 or 4 levels of difficulty, for advanced trainers who happen upon this site?

also, if there is room, no harm in letting newbies know, any breed, any age, any dog CAN learn tricks, and how satisfying that is to dogs. (lol, i haven't looked at front page for a while, if that is already on there!!:ROFLMAO: )