How to stop dog from barking.


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Hi everyone..
I have NO clue how to stop my dogs barking at the door.
people say the easiest way is to teach them a quite comand.
how do i do that?:dogsmile:

del 29

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Hi there, thats right. You have to teach him to bark first.So every time he barks you tell him to speak and reward him.
Once he can speak on commend then you teach him no speak by rewarding him when he is quite and saying quite,

Jean Cote

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I dunno. A lot of people have regretted training their dog to bark on command, so it is at your own risks. There was another thread on here about this subject, perhaps a search would help you more.


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for sure! I dont really know if i want her to learn how to bark on command though. i have been trying to get her to stop for her whole life.


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Barking on Command

If she barks all the time anyway then what harm is there in teaching her to do it on command (when YOU want her to do it). It makes teaching them quiet easier, because you don't have to set up a situation where she barks to work on the quiet. You can ask her to bark, reward her, then ignore her until she is quiet, say quiet and reward her. Wouldn't that work?


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I would teach her quiet only, if she is a barker already I wouldn't try putting it on commnad b/c she might associate barking with treats and do it even more. I would teach her quiet so you can tell her to be quiet when she is barking and you don't want her to bark.
Teaching quiet is pretty simple. When she barks, say quiet.... the minute she stops, c/t or treat only , praise, play tug/ throw a ball... whatever your reward. You need to be ready and set her up to succeed. and try to keep you emotions down, don't get upset, just wait. It will take some time but she will learn that quiet gets her treats and will refocus her attention on you.
Good luck!!


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I just noticed that you said they bark at the door. Is this when someone knocks?
There is a whole other training excersise you can do for this behavior, rather than teaching quiet. Quiet will work but it won't calm your dog and I think that is what you need if they are barking when someone knocks or visits.
If they are barking when someone knocks you can practice this any time.
Put them on leash, have someone knock (friend , family, neighbor), back them away, tell him/her to sit. C/T for the sit and say 'quiet' or 'settle' or anything that you want for them to 'relax' que. C/T for the quiet behavior. Tell them to stay and you answer the door. Let the person in and make them stay until you release them. Then they are allowed to greet the person but only in a calm manner. It will take small steps and if you want more of a break down of what i'm talking about, please ask. It will take time and patients and possible baby steps but you can get them there.
Good luck and let me know if this makes sense or not.