How To Do And What To Call It?


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I really love this video! How do you teach the dog to go round and then back up between your legs? And what command do you use?



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I call it Backdoor :D The right translation is... back through as the dutch word for through is door.
I taught this with a targetstick. First the dog needs to know how to go back. And he needs to be able to do this in any position. Away from you, but also towards you, which is harder to teach. Then I started to teach the frontposition. Standing in front of me, with the back towards me. Easy to lure with a targetstick, as my arm doesn't reach that far;) Your must know the targetstick for this, ofcourse.
Then I just asked for a back up, stepping into place, so she won't hit my legs.
As soon as she got the backing through part from a front position, I added a half turn, so if she faces me, she turns away, not full circle, but untill her back is towards me and then back up.
Hope you understand the way I explained it... We are still working on this trick, but she gets the basic idea.
But she will do a full circle most of the time and then back up :D Guess we haven't got the half turn done yet.;)


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Cool video!!!!!!! :cool:

Thanks for the explanation Anneke. Good one to teach Leaf. She knows how to target stick.


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Tank you so mush. We dont use a target stick so i must do that first. I think i know What you mean. :)