How often do you groom your dog?

Jean Cote

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So … how often do you groom your dog?

Please answer the poll whether or not you hire a professional groomer.

If you can, please reply with more details about the grooming regimen along with the type of breed that you own.

Thank you and have a nice day! :dogsmile:

maggies mom

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I bathe both my shelties once on month and usually do weekly brushing. I also do a touch up on the their faces in between bathes because they play CONSTANTLY and their faces get stinky!LOL


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oops i clicked the wrong button on the poll! I groom my pups about every three weeks, sometimes more often if we go out and get real dirty. My pug's face gets groomed almost daily because of his stinky nose roll. Our mutt Diego does an ok job and keep himself clean. I clean ears and brush 2-3 times weekly. Our cat helps with Stan's nose roll! It's too cute


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It depends on your definition of grooming, I answered the poll sa once a day. Because we have to brush rex once a day(sometimes even twice) and even with a regular brush and a desheding tool, there is still tumbleweed rolling around my house.


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This really depends on what you're asking. They get bathed when they need it and brushed every now and then (we don't really care about fur all over the house). Nails are done once a week. I give my Shih Tzu/Chihuahua a home haircut when the warm weather sets in. I have to say, I'm halfway decent with a clipper. :D


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i choose once a week for brushing them, but i do a check over once a day with my hands just to make sure they havent injured themselves or got a tick or something like that, but i bathe them every 3-4weeks cause they do get grubby

i groom my nans pekinese every couple of days when her hair grows (cause of her thick fur) but i shave her every couple of months so she can get some rest from the heat


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I'm the one "other" up there, :msngiggle: i brush Buddy almost every night, about 5x/week, and wash/shampoo/condition his fur about 1x/month.

And i partially wash his white legs about 1x/week, just spot touch ups on the white fur. He had a terrible pink/red stain in his white fur when we got him, almost gone now.

I don't cut his hair at all. Maybe in the summer we'll see if he needs a 1x/year buzz cut in the heaviest fur, or maybe he won't need one.


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I trim my boxer Daisy's nails once a week and usually run a brush over her then. Not too crazy about the nails but otherwise loves the attention. Also, try to give her a bath about once a month...more likely to happen during the summer months...brrrr it's cold in SD in the winter!
Time for a bath!

Anytime I give my pom a bath he looks like a chihuahua! When I take him out of the water he starts shivering, so i have to blow dry him until he becomes his fluffy form again. Last time a gave him a bath he wasn't completely dry so he jumped up onto one of the stairs and started rubbing his back on it until it was dry. (the stairs are carpet):dogwub:

Thanks for reading,


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I groom my Newfoundland virtually every day to remove loose hair and check for grass seeds and/or skin problems. We still have hair around the house though, but who cares - small price to pay for sharing our lives with her. I enjoy brushing her - usually do it sitting on the floor at night, sometimes while watching TV.


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I give Ludo a cursory groom and comb every day, he's still getting used to being groomed. He's only had 2 baths so far and is 9 months old. Penny a springer cross gets brushed about once a week and goes to the groomer for a bath and clip every 4 months or so.


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Ya know, Harmony, my current dog doesn't shed much, but, my one BC/newfie mix did, lil tumbleweeds of fur going by!! Sometimes so big, i'd get strtled, thinking it was a mouse or something!!!
I put cannola oil in his food, and his shedding went way way down. I went by what i saw on the floor, not his coat--which always looked okay whether my floor had tumbleweeds or not...

Just a lil teaspoon or so, on his food, made a huge difference in his shedding...---i learned there are oils that are even much better for dog coats, haven't bought any yet, but cannola sure did cut the shedding down SO MUCH, we could tell by the floor if we missed even a day or two.

Oh, it DID take TWO WEEKS of daily cannola oil on his food til we could notice--WOW--BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Our vet okay'd this, said the oil helps dogs absorb vitamins that they might otherwise miss out on...but, i have learned here on this website, some vets are not good resources for dog nutrition info, but our vet said is good for dog.