how many new tricks at a time?


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I have a doberman puppy, Kyrah, 6 months old. I wanted to know how people felt about how often you teach a new trick. She is very smart and she learns quickly. She knows some by command and some she knows but needs a bit of help to remember or she may flop around doing several of them. How well should she know one before I teach a new one? Hope you can understand what I am trying to ask not sure if I am explaining it correctly or not. Thanks!


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i feel like there was a similar question awhile ago so you might be able to do a search to find some more answers.

My answer is teach as many tricks as you want at a time! Of course each training session should be kept short (2-15mn are my sessions) and each individual trick taught should be kept even shorter in that session, but I don't think there's a max to how many your dog can learn at at time. The only *risk* you have is your dog offering other tricks then the one you are currently practicing. But that's going to happen anyway and plus that's the beauty of letting your dog experiment! Some tricks Kyrah is going to learn faster then others and that's ok :)


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Herb2relax, i think it helps if the tricks are not even slightly similar to each other. Like two or 3 very separate, distinct tricks.

One thing i do if i am working on multiple new tricks, all at same time, with Buddy, i take him to some weird spot in the house, work on trick #2 there.....stop, take a break, play with him.:dogbiggrin:

then, a while later, i take him to some other spot in the house for working on trick #3.
AFTER he learns the trick, i then have him practice the trick in all various spots.

But i think (and i could be wrong!:msngiggle:) that Buddy might think, "Oh yeah, over by the dining room table, i have to do that 'Ta-Da!' bowing trick here.." and later, "Oh yeah, now we are in the foyer, and HERE is where we are gonna do that 'High-five' trick i bet!"

Fickla is right, you wanna keep training sessions SUPER SHORT--stop before your dog zones out or gets frustrated. Only a few minutes for dogs new to training. KEEP IT FUN!!

And always follow training time with PLAY SESSION!!!:dogbiggrin: MAKE IT FUN!!! Keep reward treats super-teeny tiny, so you don't end up with a fat dog!! ha ha!!


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Thanks for your answers I appreicate them along with the suggestions and you both answered another question I had, how long training session should be. Thanks!