Hi - I'm here with my 5 Sighthounds


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Hi -

I live outside Seattle with my Whippet (an old ex-frisbee dog) and 4 Silken Windhounds. My dogs are all very smart, but vary in motivation to work with me.

Sahara is the littlest one and is pretty intense - I think she gets that from the Sheltie way back in the Silken line. She is small (30 lbs) and fast and loves to please and is food motivated. We've tried some agility and are going to start learning about the Frisbee this summer.

Vana, Magic, and Bug are content to race one-another in the back yard and nap and cuddle most of the rest of the time. From time to time they accompany me to my activites outside the house.

Nick is my old man at 12 and struggles with a neck injury suffered while running very fast when he was about 5. Recent supplementation with thyroid medication has taken a couple of years off of him. I think it really reduced neck joint pain he was having. Still, at 12, he's content to nap in the sun, preferably with me. :-)

I'm very interested in participating in instructions regarding dog/human behavior and interactions and behavior modification for both using positive reinforcement.



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Sighthounds, how fun! You've got your hands full, lol.

Welcome to the Academy! Since you're interested in learning how to work with positive reinforcement for various behavior modification, I would highly recommend spending a lot of time reading through threads in the Behavior Forum, and the Alternative Training Forum. Most of the members who reply to these types of questions use advice revolving around positive reinforcement. Checking out the blogs, library, and generally just reading loooots of threads around the lounge, should help you learn a lot about dog behavior as well as behavior modification. I have learned so much here. There are several members here who compete in agility or are learning.

This site should be right up your alley. :) Enjoy the website, and good luck to you!


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So Katie have you had any time to read around. I wasn wondering if we'd here soon from you and all of your pack. I too am working with a lot of behavior modification for my shy girl. I'm interested to here what you're working on. :dogcool: