Hi, everyone!


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My name is ShayLee, and I'm 16 and currently am training 3 dogs of my own.

I've got Bella, my GSD, who is a rescue and has some issues... Because it's now the cold Canadian winter, I'm doing lots of training with her inside, and my agility equipment has been put away, so I'm now working on tricks with her. So I came looking for this forum to get more ideas. I train her with clicker training.

Next I've got Zoey, my little Mini Aussie who's trained to do her agility stuff, and that's about it. With Zoey I use a verbal marker and a reward, since she hates the clicker.

Then I've got my youngest, Psyche, a border collie who will start competing in agility in May. She's also clicker trained, and because she can only do agility once a week, I've been training lots of tricks with her too.

Looking forward to learning more and getting to know everyone!