Hi All!


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Hi everyone,

I joined about a month ago and haven't really had the time to come on and introduce myself! My name is Shell, i'm from sydney, australia and I have a 4 y/o rescued siberian husky named Zero. He came to me from an abusive owner who dumped him in the pound and while he did have a lot of fear and dominance related issues (from the physical abuse and lack of socialisation) we're working through them and he's slowly recovering.

Anyway, I was having some trouble with a few commands (mostly the "stay" and "come" commands) so thought i would join here and see if anyone had any ideas i haven't tried yet. We would really like to get into obedience and agility but i think we both need to be a little bit more disciplined before we can!


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Hi Shell!

Nice to meet you. You will find everyone here is very friendly.

I'm not a professional trainer, but I will tell you how I accomplished come and stay. First, I used a clicker to inform my dog that she performed the task I was requesting. I would probably start with "Come" and move onto "Stay" when your dog has mastered "Come". Have him sit with a leash on, have a treat in one hand and the clicker in the other. When you give the command to come, ever so gently pull the leash towards you. As soon as he moves forward, press your clicker once and give the treat. Use small pieces of treats as you will soon realize your dog will gain weight. Repeat the exercise several times but don't burn him out. Always end your training sessions on a positive note. Once he is comes on command, stop using the clicker.

Use pretty much the same technique with "Stay". Have your dog sit, give the command to "Stay". I use the word and a hand signal of your palm out facing the dog. Step back a step or two. If he doesn't move towards you, press your clicker and give a treat. In time, take more steps backwards and use longer periods of time. Stop using the clicker once he has mastered it. ALWAYS reward him with lots of praise.

I can put my dog in a stay and completely leave the room for several minutes and return without her moving. It just takes ALOT of practice.