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Hello everyone! My name is Katie and I am 21. I am a Pet sitter for a company. When people are on vacation or at work, I go to their home and tend to their house and pets! I love it!
I have a 6 year old Lab Mix named Madison
A cat who is about 12 or 13 named Shi-Shi
Another cat who is about 11 named Bob (Bob is a girl just fyi)
All of our animals are unique I suppose! Madison was extremley sick when we got her, they actually thought she was going to die. She came through! She has horrible ADD and recently training her has been a nightmare. If she doesnt do what I want right, she plays dead.
Shi-Shi , besides being an old crabby woman, is missing most of her tail. She got caught up in our door and it broke, so it had to get cut off.
Bob was the runt of the litter, so everything she learned was from our other cat. She imitates everything she does. Not always correctly, but she tries. Shes mostly blind and not very bright. Shes so much fun though.
Shi Shi can do a few tricks herself.
Madison can Sit,Speak, stay, come, down, bang (play dead), army crawl, through legs, shake, wave. She loves to play hide and seek with people. She cheats so we actually have to sit there and cover her eyes. The other person y ells "come find me" and she wanders all over the house to find you until we pop out at her when she sees us. She LOVES that.
Thats exciting!:dogblink:

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She got caught up in our door and it broke, so it had to get cut off.
OOOWW! Poor cat.

:welcome: to the Academy! That is a neat job that you have! It must be hard to find clients though? Most people I know do not trust strangers, especially to come in their house when they are not there.

I'm lucky to have a good friend which comes to my house and babysits my dogs when I am gone. Perhaps it has to do with the heated pool, collection of video games and free sattelite?!?? HeHeHeHe


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Welcome to the site! You have an interesting group there. :) Good luck with Madison(and the cats too, if you're training them)!


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Hi, your job sounds great!

It sounds like your animals certainly landed on their feet by finding you. Madison sounds lovely...I look forward to seeing her performing some tricks. I have found the monthly challenges on this site really good to get me to try something new with my dogs.