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HELLO! my name is Francesca...I'm from Italy...I own two beautiful dogs: Drago and Yuna they are my love!
I've started training with clicker since the beginning and it is wonderful, it's the best way of comunication with our pets!
I also own 3 cats...lazy cats!
I don't do any sport with them like agility or obedience...but I love to play with them and perform all kinds of tricks...
now I'm at the beginning but soon I hope to perform a lot of tricks..

I hope to improve my english!so...excuse me in advance if I'm not good...:dogunsure:
bye bye

Jean Cote

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Hello Francesca! Welcome to the DTA. :dogsmile: Your english is great, I can understand everything that you wrote.

Have you clicker trained your cats too? :) I know some people that have, lol.


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Wonderful english Francesca, don't worry. :)

I bet you guys would love the challenges. Enjoy the site, and welcome!


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Welcome to you Francesca, your English is very good. What does Yuna's name mean, it's a lovely name. I agree with you about clickersand positive training and have very good success with them. I'll look forward to seeing you in the forums. Check out the monthly challenges and classroom. I think you'll find they fit right in with your positive training. :dogtongue2: