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Hello to everyone and merry Christmas, Caley here from Saskatchewan and my three pooches Truffles (shitzu/bichon cross) Phoenix (basically mutt but White German Shepard/blue heeler) and the newest addition Truman (whom i found on the highway and believe to be Great Pyrenees) Truman is my reason for joining. I need some advice on the breed.


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Welcome. A blue heeler/white GSD cross sounds gorgeous, you should post pics of all of your pups when you can. I would love to see them.

Pyr's tend to be a little independent and self-reliant, which given their breed "job" is understandable. They need consistent positive training from as early as possible. While your new dog is learning the rules and getting used to things is a good time to start with daily training. Patricia McConnell's "problem" dog was a Pyr named Tulip and she has a great love for the breed. She has several wonderful books about positive dog training if you're looking for a read. I recommend all of her books; her credentials are quite impressive.

BTW if you don't get answers about Pyr's in your intro post go to one of the forums and ask. People look for more question/answer type posts there.