Hello we are new here :-)


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Hi just came across this site while looking for tips for my little boy....Dennis (the menace) hes just gone 1 years old xmas day, and hes very hard to break for training. He is a staffy and Iam told they are all like this, my partner has had dogs before and he is the hardest dog she has had to train. We still have loads of training left to do with him, he hasnt even been off his lead yet, and I would love to take him to the beach and let him run about but im so scared he will do a Forrest Gump and just run. I look forward to surfing around on here looking for any tips or advice people can give me......

Take care Dennis and Me x:dogsmile:


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hi welcome to the board,

if you do take your dog to the beach you could buy a long lead (27ft horse lead or something) he can do all the running he likes but you still have him on a lead we do this with my nans 11yr old pug as he is deaf and once his nose is on a trail he doesnt stop

Jean Cote

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Ah. Well it takes time, I have the same thing with my dog Onyx. You can check out how I teach the name recall.