Hello To You All !


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My name is Emilio, and I live in Carpi, Italy.
I have a dog 12 years old, a Briquet Griffon Vendeen, who never hunted, but now enjoys a soft cushion almost all day long.
I hope to find new friends who love dogs (and other animals, too: I had also cats and dogs living together....).


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Welcome to the DTA!

WOW Italy! I think you may be the first person fromItaly :) I have a friend who's husband had to work in Italy for two years, so they, their baby , and 2 dogs relocated there. They LOVED it. My friend is a photographer, and kept a blog, so we could all see how awesome her life was... made me jealous! They just left Italy, and are now in Abu Dhabi for 2 years.


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Wow, i bet your beloved dog would so so love some "hunting" tricks and cues! My dog is herder breed, but even HE loves "finding" things on cue!! I bet your dog would, too!
and even mature dogs CAN learn tricks and cues!!
FEEL FREE to post more photos of your dog!!!:D


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WELCOME!!!! Ooooh, Italy!!!!:D Does your dog know any tricks??? Do you use a clicker??? And (as mentioned in the post above:ROFLMAO:) I (WE) would LOVE to see some pics of your dog!!!!